This blog is for those who want to remain healthy and recognize you need to know what is in the food you eat. Yes, you need to get outdoors and move around -- what they call "exercise" -- your body likes to be used. Equally important, you have to feed it right.  It is amazing what your body can do, given the right nutrients.  We're going to be talking about various nutrients -- and how they work to keep your body healthy. We can use a fancy word here: homeostasis. Nah!  All that means is keeping your body healthy. We speak plain language here. We are also going to be talking about some of the conditions some nutrients have been found to ... what is the word I want here?   We can't say 'cure' because even the medical profession knows they cannot 'cure' conditions.  They alleviate symptoms. Ask a doctor sometime what the drug he wants to put out on, ask him what it does.  Dollars to donuts, he'll tell you a symptom he is alleviating. We can say '